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Related article: Date : Tue, July 14, 2009 21 48th 0100 11 From: tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject: Brief Encounters Chapter 31 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate iMagination and therefore able to create our own fantasies are often based Friends and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if the formAtting or punctuation go turn the tide, now I know why ! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** NOTE If the contributions are a little disjointed in the coming weeks, it is only because of the holiday season, since the point of equilibrium \\ \\ n And do not forget the new E -mail address - amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** Off Lolita chapter 31 - Simon in pink quite concerned Martin made ​​his way out of the playground s. Despite knowing it was removed and his young friend Toms can they still do not get to grips with the fact that due to young, seemed wrong somehow enabling him to pursue the friendship. Neither Tom, Alex, Simon was still in charge of this aspect, they liked the idea of ​​n someone a little older and the key size " There it is. " Alex was in the playground squinting sunlight was in his eyes. Tom turned and put his hand over his face with his hand, "I have, now. " Martin smiled at them on foot. " Let's go ", "Hello. " Tom said, sounding completely under control. He referred to the edge of the playing field ", we can sit in the shade of the trees. " " But is not it, that's where we are.. HHMM !" Said Martin, "Is it OK to you? " "I 'm fine.. and no, I have my pants parents either! " smiled Tom and then left an open invitation "Well, if I want, I pull short to see it again! " "I know! " said Alex. Said Martin, but thought it best not to say this, is not yet. They laughed at the joke, as she passed, followed by Alex and carefully Martin studied the pants to try to see what she was wearing underneath! choose a shady spot Martin dropped the bag and put on their side, rested her head on his hand. Alex sat down to get to their arms and s no coincidence that Tom, with legs up Sat the legs of his shorts. unspoken emotions were running high and fast at all, sex was up the program, Tom and Alex. Martin has had a strange feeling over again and was trying unsuccessfully to avoid looking up short Tom known, made its own tail, I family tent in his pants. No one was quite sure what to say, it was Tom who broke the ice. " Uumm Mart... so how was the gym? Martin pressed her legs together at the very thought of the movement still allowed to become quite sticky glans finally develop and peel n in your panties wet. The two younger boys to look only to see that very excited. They had "I think not," he told the two, "but some o you son of a bitch has been in the locker room and stole most of the children had pants n ' Views Tom Alex and feigned a look of horror. "Fuckin 'hell... WOT yer pants? " Tom looked surprised, or at least he hoped looked surprised. Alex has appeared in " fuckin hell, you have no idea who could be? " " No, but it fucking killed when some of the guys ever find out! " n "O " Martin saw Tom when he added: "You know, Jerry, the big guy Nigel class, shouted that in any case, it was found that \\ \\ n ? Strip 'em, take their clothes off and pull ' em in the street with a banana in the ass! " " Fuck! "Tom shuddered at the thought of it. "Oh, shit ! " Martin by chance looked down and see if your erection was so obvious, as he thought , it could be. It was very much. " Fuck! " Alex said, " So.. I have the pants were captured, not blue, WOT is told the earlier not it? " " yer, and luckily not to take. Get " Martin just had to follow this line of entertainment. Tom and Alex were happy to be, so why not ? " That was luck. "Said Tom. 'Wonder WOT is like no pants, then? " " No idea, but I will try this weekend ! " Alex said with a wink. " Really? " Wandering Eyes Martin to Alex shorts. "But Alex, I did not say they were blue Y Off Lolita fronts as well? " " Yer. They are new. " Alex smirked, only concerned to show interest, his new clothes inside, "Do you want 'em see?" He blushed Martin slightly and nodded. He could not resist and now totally addictive. "You tell anyone but do not you ? 'Because... like, I'm not in your class or something. " " Of course not. You are our friend. " Alex said : At this point, Tom opened her legs to give a thrilling flash of his own white s and Alex fronts as mixed closer to the knee. His body was now a inches Martin Off Lolita and s head out of the playground. "Mart, undo meShorts, will be easier! "Alex offered on a plate After quickly looking around, it was with a trembling hand that Martin Any gets pushed to the front of the gray shorts. It was some very hard to treat the inside, out and did it with some difficulty that n slowly slid the zipper. As the fly was opened Alex 'n purple button tries to escape the limits Off Lolita of the light blue panties. Martin moved breath. 'd dreamed it could become something like this , but it was the speed with which he urged the younger boy wonder all time. there were things that stopping now. ' s Alex, dirty bastard! Look ! "said Tom put his hand deep into of his own pocket. " not very big... that does not bite," said Alex, laughing, "Mart, here me.. " Looking quickly around, opened the lock waist shorts and let to double back to the tail sticking out of his pants to show how piece of spring steel! Alex was very proud of highs so new mandates and right after, it seemed that was years old, held by n falling! The material was of a very pale blue, a soft cotton ribbed, the leg openings and fly the Y-Front were in contrasting white edges. The word And up front with fine lines around the few white elastic fabric pact. Martin no chance of getting the answer Alex said, "Come, let us see his time now... so let's see if they are the same! " Excited is leaned over and put his hands in front of the Martin fly bugling, immediately replied, " Hey, yer pants are all fucking wet, " wet they were, sperm was drenched in his underwear in his pants. Tom do not want anyone to miss and there was a scratch at the time zip ! Before Martin could object, he found that he had four small hands pulled his pants open and if there is in them, sat had been removed right n with a cord were the same bright blue ribbed cotton welcome. Alex was delighTed Martin written views are identical to what n to be hiding in Off Lolita any case, a tail widely behind what is , obviously, a large wet spot. Unable to keep their hands gently pushed everywhere as she writhed in joy Martin, then he started to peel material wet, sticky by Martin Hahn and packages with balls. In the excitement was only then that Alex did, why wet, Martin had cum in his pants! "Fuckin 'hell ! You have cum in yer pants ya, I never thought of that! " " Wot! You fuckin ' cum ever, let's take a look!" Tom said to awe as Alex rubbed his slippery fingers on cotton. "When? Who n " " only in the gym! " Martin blushed. He ignored the con. " You dirty sod ! " Alex was by inhalation, " Cor, smell, cum.. well, you have n a.... A foreskin is not it ? I have not seen a right. " " Yeah! Some kids call it a town " " As a police officer ! "Tom says chuckling. " YER.. I think maybe because they'reand called helmets! "Said Martin. With just the example of David was smaller than anything else, and s to the delight of Martin worthy of n is a very detailed inspection of a variety hot- small sticky fingers. As they had done during his short stature expected Martin Hahn was not much longer than theirs, but it certainly was a little thicker and is surrounded by a little blonde hair. no all ot comfortable with the screen itself, to a new audience, Martin was not sure, that was to receive comments. But apart from the disgusting Shaun Bates was only the second eldest son 's cock had actually seen, so is happy to share their own comparison. " innit well! Will, "said Alex, playing softly in the head after pulling the foreskin return for the twentieth time, " Ours is thicker than this, then ? " " Yer, I guess. "Martin was pleased that for the first time had more cock of the s " I hope so. WOT is so yer.. Helmet ? "Said Tom, rubbing some sperm and solidify what else able to find between your toes ! " Umm.. is semen, and I spose that` I have not had the opportunity to wash ! " " WOT yer cock a little bad ? "Tom was innocence itself. He took with a finger. " YER... ` because if you do not wash " " Ugh, "said Martin mysteriously " get cheese and I could smell ! " " WOT cheese? "Alex was confused. "How Dairylea ? " Uumm... yer. "Martin laughed at the idea of ​​it. However, this was now getting a little too personal, thankfully interrupted Tom. N " But wait Alex, "said Tom " ' Since both cum today... in the fucking bus! " " Gawd ! How could I forget that, " Alex said, laughing :" And that was inspector kind of right when he came in yer pants ! " " WOT? "Martin was very intrigued. ", but he did just before yer ass on the fingers of Dave! "Hi Tom ginning " Hey.. What do you mean cum Mart on the bus? " ", right? What do I do? " He smiled, not sure if he was all I had to think was said. " Maybe I should go with you on a bus trip andShow me n how! " "Yes ! Being large, it would be Alex? "Said Tom," is a bit risky as people... and then cum in your pants and you're... how sticky and dass.. yer cock and do not go! " " But that's all... ? see, " Alex said with enthusiasm:" Not long ago, but is as very fresh and not get caught.. there is a sort emotions.. Tom is not it ? " " YER! " Smiled Tom. " This is not it? " Alex laughed," YER.. naughty fun ! " " We? Yes I do, " Martin took the wrong path easily !" So two dos was in yer pants on the way to school, then? " nodded and smiled. " Then we all run once today, then? "These guys were so before the game and Martin had to start doing. N " twice ! "Tom chuckled," I had a straw when I woke up as well! " " You never told me. "Said Alex surprised :" Dirty Child " " Alex... ! let me know! "Martin could not resist any longer, reached more than y began at the edge of the glans penis to rub Alex. Learning "and Tom, to get a little closer take turns to masturbate for me... " adopted by Tom and soon the art of masturbation with a foreskin, Martin raised his hand and took him up and down that no will pull back too far. Court in his free hand to achieve the exchange of Martin leg of her shorts No, not In contrast, managed to zip up his shorts to invest and that found its way to white fly fronts Tom And at the head of his cock rubbing fingers with a. Alex was fascinated by Tom Martin pants and rubbed Cummy Martin began exploring cock. The fact that they were grouped under Martin balls did not break any of worming their way into the base Martin. " I do not think I will run again, it's too soon. " Said Martin, Tom ".. But do not stop, it's a great feeling ! " " I do not believe either to be honest," said Tom, " after what happened last time here and I cum twice already," thought Alex, time for a little escapism. "Hey, MArt... You n ummm think, meet somewhere in the weekend to.. That knows.. ? explore " " Explore.. I like that! " Martin smiled," Where ? WOT is? "N " You could try my shorts ! "Alex winked at Tom, who got the message. " Yer and I, " chuckled," we used to be able to see me uncle scales, but we can not do that no more.. It was good, was not Alex... we not disturbed or get, but we can not do now that Alex? " " No, that is, you know everyone Mart? "Asked Alex innocent. " It has to be silent ` because sometimes we do not have a job that Tom thumb ? red Tom and nodded his head, could see it, Martin was more than interested. " hhmm... " Martin said, " Let me think for a minute. " Dare Nigel asks if he could use the shed for the assignment? Yes, I would. " I could not... but I have yet to find a job... and your finger.. WOT d" mean, Alex? " " Do you know yer lazy finger! " " Yer, sorry, I was not thinking! "He smiled with anticipation. And he did was definitely Going ask, Nigel. " I'll try to find out about the place n then I got to know until tomorrow. " Tom looked at his watch run so far was all according to plan. There was only one more thing to do. ". The bells are going in a minute, so it should improve until fixed" that shuffled a bit and then casually asked, "Mart dress, it would be" Martin nodded, he thought it would never do. The idea to Off Lolita dress these guys was an incredible turn in the first place, make sure the tail and panties were back in his pants before compressing up and that affectionate patted the front! Only after having done that, he did pull her panties and pants back on his own Cummy s still very, very vertical punctures. "Were you a big brother, then? " Tom asked, "How, it always helps we see?" Martin clarified, "I ' spose not was, is , which previously meant as WOT brothers? " " Yer, somehow. "said Alex. Tom nodded enthusiastically in agreement. Martin was now one of them. "But I think the it, where Simon is then, "said Martin," I thought it was with you all the time? " " unsafe, "said Tom," I know I had to do an errand for a teacher then wanted to clarify a few things to take home with them. " If only Martin knew what Simon was trying to take things into his bag to take home the afternoon Off Lolita school began building fairly quickly. As for the type normal s was found running down the street, to close the front of the given line at the bus stop. Simon saw him and his best despite the n tail pain is something like an obstacle to rapid progress, that n finally collapsed in the art. "? WoT shit is in this bag of " Bus Stop kind of away Simon asked," What is so blood filled with all of you keep hitting him. " " Umm.. This is... uh... " " There are a lot of shit fucking hope so, " said Art," I do not know you see WOT Tire with you, I'll have a very good day! "Allowing Luckily, the two-story green turned the corner and the Arts n to change the subject. I want nothing more than Simon suffer pocket he blew a front of him and went for the first time n an empty seat to grab the in front of the window. Simon continued with the head of his cock now very painful after he limited his jockey shorts for the day, put the bag under the seat and sat next to art. Simon guilt complex had returned with a vengeance. I was even more that a little worried, as he had seen no trace of underwear, art had s up the stairs ahead of him. I had taken by mistake? n is that, had art that was the last thing I wanted to go to him. Simon leaned over and whispered in his ear like, " I do not really sore dick, WOT else I can do? " " Leave the damn thing alone!" Enter a smile, " I do not know, unless you want Mom have a look at her and they kiss for you, can not expect much to ask to do Germolene more fucked up than them. " \\ \\ n guy turned and looked around no one was there, in three rows of seats behind them. "Isworse then ? We Off Lolita then get yer zip down and let the butcher ! " " Wot! Well... here? " Simon sounded surprised. " Yer, I `ve seen before, hurry ! "It looked Simon stealth around and then unzipped offered no really much of a view type. " Dammit Simon simply undo yer fucking shorts, no ! Mess " Simon reluctantly did as told and art, he retired. " Nice pink pants.. Woollie him? " " I think mom has to see them all pink! "Simon was actually a little of panic. " Be quick, before the driver from here! " kind Grin grabbed her waist and pulled down Simons balls without hair. As predicted inside the panties were bright pink Germolene absorbs all saw the member shrunk even redder than before and urgently needs more cream. saw Simon s down and then looked ominous in the way of hope for some advice. " Oh crap... ! my pants, which are even brighter, " said horror kind smiled and nodded. " You can notHelp, which is worse for me ! They had a n difficult today ? This has not helped. Be honest! " Simon looked very guilty", but all afternoon no go! " " It's hard most of the damn afternoon and rubbing in yer pants... for the good fucks, Simon ! "Kind of looked at him: " It will all getting fucking better than playing with things as they are? " Simon looked very embarrassed. " Treasures, mom is that I be careful pink pants ? " " Of course it is! "Art could not resist, " You know, she 's a whore yer pants check at any time... for everything! " Simon picked up the lower jaw. Shame, shame, humiliation. It know all " Well, it is difficult, now is it? " Type gently held the tip between your index finger and thumb, is all that was hot! "No! Enough! "Simon jumped up almost gently, as he pressed the type " So, what WOT thought about it so damn hard all the afternoon? "Kind of stopped, turned born. " Wait. .. oh shit! I think I can hear the orchestra on the stairs, put it away. " " We were told that " Simon blushed as he struggled in his pants zipped without causing more pain," many of the guys in the gym class had stolen pants! Y... I was like... Thinking that.. like.. Or do not use it and be happy.. like.. and. " " Fuck me ! "The art was quite surprised and interrupted," News travels n right? Who told you that? " " Tom... He said he had with Martin, who said he had spoken. " " So you stole my pants? O... Martin? "Said Simon is sound as casual as Off Lolita it is needed. He knows. Or was what I had them, by mistake, otherwise why was not art ? " WoT you think ? "Type of blinked and inexplicably drawn to him is an art. 'Treasures, I wear today? " very well why he did not know, but the art was suddenly fascinated s the reason for the very obvious need Simon fascination with stealing n shorts. Simonlost in your own game! I had seen, that art is not wear there, but backwards, I was sure it started before. " Uh... uh... you should, of course. " kind smiled and rubbed the front of his pants and grabbed his postcard. He had signs of inflammation of his cock, she knew, was contained only by the thickness of gray pants. The zipper only o need to lose about four inches in front of Simon was a bit of white meat and the unmistakable shape of the tail every time is good, but no trace of underwear at all. " Um... is getting bigger! " Simon smiled. internally Simon was trying to organize their thoughts, it means he should kind writings taken by mistake. But that would mean a bad way he endured without clothes at all and would go through hell s back with his mother. While nature could smile now that s in Off Lolita the morning was distressed and in a terrible state that Simon knew that s responsible. nowt turns out that he's just a little together further problems. kind smiled, got the zipper in the back and hit his growing erection.. " Hey, thank fuck for the next season, and we're home ! " The minutes passed, Simon was not with him, he lost his n thoughts. " Come on Simon, after bloodiest up! We are now coming down! " " Oh, shit !" It was a poke in the ribs, which have done the trick ! Getting under the seat, Simon pulled out of the bag only to find buckle under the edge of the seat stuck. After more prods fun for a type of and, finally, shooting suddenly upon them with all his might, , as shown in the bottle cork free. Preoccupied with thoughts of what s art and her pain had prick Simon stood up and started trying to be to hoist it over his shoulder. With all trains on the buckle of the door outer loose and tight once content were not tight! Inside the bag was open free to move over and over is the contentgan to escape when Simon took the bag around try on his shoulder in the narrow space. smile, not really noticeable is the art of rotation brothers stay away from the heavy bag! Simon was quite poor, and between his conscience and a rooster painful, hardened its cozy World was not so nice. After almost got the bag hanging on the bus shook his shoulder, and he escaped again, lost his temper, will hit the ground and kicked him. "Fuckin 'thing ! " " Hey... hey!Shut upenough! There are about people! " Said Art strict " WOT is the problem? " " nothing... nothing! " apparently confused, Simon grabbed the bag and put it up yet over again. Out of the stairs behind her stopped beating between the rows of seats, in their wake. entertainment indeed. Now the art was very difficult not to laugh out loud in the n cost of detuning Simons. The recognition of their own safety after the few steps behind him when he thought he noticed SomethHang Ing n when the bag was in the back of another seat, which crashed n fell down. was about to call Simon, like him, it was clear. Despite its incessant masturbating his vision was deteriorating and that it has all was faced with a pair of white panties with Wolsey -X clearly n visible in the neck ! Quickly grabbed before he was hoping someone else on the bus, he said, keeping them in his jacket pocket. This was a is exciting, but what the hell does with Simon Wolsey Slip- X? Apart from some boys at school no one knew they had, that them? Go down the stairs was his cock growing hard once more, the fact that he had no underwear help! By the time he received from the bus was fully erect, but hopefully partially hidden under his jacket, that was certainly the time of his straw in the afternoon after school Meanwhile, Simon was certainly not a happy bunny ! The art went with him as he limped upTraveling with a sack over his shoulder. "What yer problem then Simon? Know Beac. We can tell me. " " No, I can not.. and I have no problem! " Simon broke. Art looked at him and asked what he meant is that reading this! " It's just that my dick does and it hurts like hell! " " I can rub it better?" The art was laughable. It was the way she said it. " Fuck you !" Simon could not angry with him and soon a smile, " You are a fucking idiot ! " innit "Fun ? That's yer fuckin ' best " check back now fucking forget I always question things, and even better you can always pop off in my room... and I'm going to fuck ! "n "dirty bastard ! Well, I could, if better ! "Simon laughed over again. He tried to hit his art ass, but he skipped out of the way. When fall came to art wooden garden grabbed him by the neck n " you know he knows you know. You can... and me! " " Yer. "Simon nod, he would love, but now was the right time, as they felt guilty. as usualCrash through the door and called Art from his mother that they were back. Not that you ever guess from that all the noise ! With his penis still hard headed straight to his room the price he had hidden in his jacket to investigate. Simon threw his bag in his bedroom and took the canvas bag, which got under his direct the bed before scooting in the bathroom of his cock with even more painful anoint Germolene abundant groups. -------------------------------------------- - ------------------- ---- chapter 32 to follow
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